I more or less had the day off on Monday.  I took the opportunity to run down to the midtown campus and drop my math class.

The course was on a compressed schedule. I’d missed one class due to illness, another due to after school care shenanigans…

Even if I’d had the care that day, I would have likely missed it due to work: that was day three of a firedrill tech review of one of my projects, which I wound up participating in via telephone while pacing the walkway in front of the Monster’s school, and … okay, waving my hands to emphasize the points I was trying to make, even though the other guys in the meeting couldn’t see me.

Yeah.  I did get stared at by the other parents.

Sorta used to that.

…a online pop quiz just because I got tied up with another project and flat out failed to look at my school mail that day, and I knew I’d be missing at least three four more classes due to work travel or functions.

Clearly I didn’t want this bad enough.   The universe smelled the ambivalence on me and said “huh, why should I bother to get out of her way”?

Look, Universe, I don’t want math bad, good or otherwise.  I just want it done.  Okay, ideally done well, but definitely done.

I’ll be signing up again for next term.

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