[Flash Fiction] This Morning

This was inspired by Chuck Wendig’s “The Numbers Game” flash fiction challenge, which happened to intersect my brain after a long night of governmentese.  I think it might be set in the same story universe as the other flash fictions I’ve thrown together lately.

The three words I chose from Chuck’s list of five are: bishop, lollipop and ivy.

Bishop didn’t want to wake up. He … it reminded me that it was an it, not a nocturnal eight year old. It didn’t want breakfast, even after I made those godawful frozen strudel. I offered cereal, dry and wet. It pushed everything away. I yelled at it– you need to eat! — and then it was okay with a lollipop. Just one. It promised to eat it on the way to the bus.

I went for a walk, afterwards. Found the lollipop stuck to some ivy.

Wondered if he’d come home today.

It. Not he. Not his home.

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