Applied Tetrisitics

I just found this in the middle of my home office Inbox…

“They won’t sell to oudur.”

“Whatdyou mean?”

“Just that. The Traveler brought us here, so the Traveler need provide.”

“They don’t get out much.”

“They don’t need to.  Here. Something to quiet your stomach until after our meeting with Sanneach.”

“Where’d this come from?”

“The Traveler provides.”

I don’t know when I wrote this, though I suspect it was some time within the past year.  I hope so anyway, though some of the stuff at the bottom of the Inbox makes me wonder about that.  It’s not related to anything I’ve been working on.

I suspect it’s a partial transcript from one of those cinematic dreams I get from time to time.  It’s scrawled on steno paper, which suggests it was originally written on the notepad I keep in my nightstand.

I don’t dream journal.  The notepad’s there for those times I’m doing things upstairs, realize I need to pick up something at the store, and don’t want to stop what I’m doing to go downstairs and put it on the shopping list (which means I’ll forget it by the time I do go downstairs).

After I found it, I got the (likely) irrational impulse to write a note to myself, telling me to put in some more freaking details the next time I feel compelled to write down a dream.  Who are these two people, besides MoreExperiencedOne and LessExperiencedOne? Why have they come to this city full of xenophobic natives — I’m assuming oudur means ‘outsiders’ and not ‘stinky people’. Why are they walking instead of riding something? Are they actually walking? Who’s Sanneach?  Why are they meeting with him?  Or is it a her?

Yeah, stuff like that would have been helpful, thanks me.

Maybe you’ll remember this blog post the next time you find yourself doing that.

If anybody wants to be envious of the cinematic dreaming: don’t be.  While the dreams are often pretty (even when they just involve, for example, people I know playing roller hockey in the dairy section of a grocery store none of us have ever been in), they’re rarely useful. They also tend to make me feel weirded out the next day.

Seriously, the only time I can dream about what I’m working on is to fill my brain with something completely different before I go to sleep.

Except math.  That just makes me pass out.

I got my grades back from the summer course. Let’s just say that I don’t want to repeat the experience, even though I’m making myself repeat the course this fall instead of forging ahead.  I’ll be taking it at the ‘executive campus’ downtown instead of doing it online.

Yeah,  while I could just forge ahead, I’m pretty sure I’d wind up back in the bog pretty quickly, unless I accidentally uncovered a mystical artifact that gives Legendary bonuses to grasping the mechanics of mathematics.

I don’t have a problem with mathematical cinematics. Concepts? Yeah, I get ’em. What’s under the hood that makes them go? Riiiight.

Well, mystical artifacts besides “Stop being convinced that online classes are the best option for all subjects — math is not a comfort zone for you, so getting out of your comfort zone to deal with it might be the right answer.  Look how well you did in the first course when you took it on campus!,” and “Trying to study math right before you go to bed is not a good idea. When was the last time you didn’t pass out before you finished the assigned reading?”

+Fred Hicks pointed me at an interesting NYT article about Decision Fatigue and the role glucose plays in it. I’ll definitely be keeping that in the back of my mind as I re-Tetris my fall schedule.


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