Filling in the Blanks

For those of you following along at home — I haven’t armadilloed again or anything.  I’ve just been doing a lot of filling in the blanks lately.

Examples below the cut.

From: Shai Norton
Sent: Wednesday, August 17, 2011 10:39 PM
Subject: Weekly Status Report


▬   [REDACTED] All are due around the 22nd of August.

▬   Spent a productive weekend [REDACTED] (Take a moment to review [REDACTED] and you’ll find all of this as hysterical as I did at some points this weekend).  [REDACTED]

▬   Spent a productive past few days reviewing and writing commentary on [REDACTED]

▬   [REDACTED] design meeting [REDACTED]

▬  [REDACTED] still interested in pursuing [REDACTED] as soon as  [REDACTED] drops.

▬  [REDACTED] interested in working with our recruiters to find people for [REDACTED]

▬   Haven’t received feedback from [REDACTED] on [REDACTED] I sent over on Friday.  On the positive side, we’ve been up to our elbows with work. On the negative side, [REDACTED] is due on the 25th.  [REDACTED] before I go bother someone about a potential solution outline?

▬   No response [REDACTED] regarding our status change.  All of the surprised people on this CC list please raise your hands.  I’ll continue to pursue.


▬   Worked with [REDACTED] to finalize the [REDACTED]. That’s done, signed and ready to fly.  Consider this a reminder to give it a boot out the door [REDACTED]

▬   As discussed earlier this week, [REDACTED] is eating my brain.  [REDACTED] get even more [REDACTED] results next week, which suggests the deadline might get pushed back.  I’m not assuming so, however.  It’s due Friday. [REDACTED] should be ready tomorrow. I’m scheduling a psychotic break for Saturday – unless we have more [REDACTED] to work on (or I have the green flag to go for the [REDACTED] project), in which case, I’ll push it off until past Labor Day.

From: Shai Norton
Sent: Friday, August 19, 2011 1:55 AM
Subject: [REDACTED]

And this, gentlemen, is when my brain turned to complete goo (FYI, [REDACTED] this is [REDACTED] #3 for me for the week.  I’m a wee bit punchy, so I apologize if I’m more confusing than usual).


[REDACTED], I think I was supposed to remind you to [REDACTED].  Might have been what you mumbled after I said ‘hey, I assaulted this with my allegedly strategic mind, and here’s what we’re really looking at.”  Though it could have just as easily been “Shai, you’re scaring me, please put down that knife.”  But.  [REDACTED].  THEY MAY NEED COOKIES.  Thank you.


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