Hi, My Name Is Cheese.

The Monster’s decided to give everyone nicknames.  Mine’s ‘Cheese’.  I think it’s because I smile a lot.

No, really.  Those are smiles, damn it.  Don’t make me hurt you.

I finished all but one tiny bit of Project #3 last Saturday. Just needed five hundred words or so to get everything wrapped up, so I was feeling really good about myself. Not physically good, mind. The stupid cold turned into a stupid sinus infection, and I’m just now getting over that.

My MIL’s freaking out, wondering if we’ve got mold in our house. It’s a legitimate concern, considering all of the humidity in the basement … but believe me, I know what it’s like to be sick because of mold (one of the houses we rented in Indiana had a basement full of the black stuff). I’m not puking two-three times a day. Or even once a day. This so ain’t the same thing.

We have a six year old. We (@bhoneydew in particular) also work jobs where we have to interact with a lot of different people.

You can probably predict what happened next: I slacked off (translation: worked on other things, including staring into space, math, Project #2, Work-With-A-Capital-W and oh, maybe some parenting) and then those five hundred words just didn’t want to happen when I wanted them to.


Yeah, didn’t go down like that.

From Sunday to Tuesday, I put in little bits of work on that last section. An hour here, an hour there … and on Wednesday, I realized that I’d written about six thousand words that a) needed to be cut down to five hundred, and b) big chunks of the rest of the project needed to be rewritten so that…

No, really. Those six thousand words fixed a bunch of other problems that I hadn’t seen.

Sooooo, I spent part of Wednesday and Thursday pushing my brain through a cheese grater. Metaphorically speaking. By the wee hours of Friday morning, I was considering trying that for reals, yo.

But it’s done and sent. Now I need to get Project #2 finished before I look up and notice that it’s September.

Project #1?

Even thinking about Project #1 right now is making me want to curl up into a fetal position and consider changing my major to Epic Fantasy.

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