Erzuulic Postulates

Math doesn’t stick.  Put math on my brain and it slides right off, like my gray matter’s got a nice fresh coat of Teflon.

This bugs me. This has always bugged me. Everything else academic? Pfft. Just takes some attention. The more I devote to a subject, poof, the easier it is for me to noodle through.


Just the opposite. The more I study it, the less I seem to understand it. The more confident I am going into an exam? The worse I’ll do, and oh, if only the reverse was equally true.

People who can do math in their heads freak me out.   I’m still hazy on parts of the multiplication table above five (and don’t ask me to do higher than 11), fractions make me feel awkward, and one guaranteed way to make sure I wake up angry is to whisper prime numbers in my ear while I’m sleeping.

The only postulate I learned by heart in high school algebra was Reflexive Equality, because I was able to tag it with a lyric from Duran Duran’s “The Reflex” (‘The Reflex is a lonely child’) and keep it from sliding off my brain.

Yeah, I said ‘exam’. I’m taking math classes. I intend to take all of them. Okay, not all of them. Just through linear algebra, since it’s the one math class @bhoneydew hasn’t taken.  Normal math classes, I mean.  Not ergodic theory or anything.

Wait a minute.  Now I have to look up what ergodic theory means, ’cause … okay, I just pulled that class title out of the list of courses Penn State offers.  Wikipedia, ho!

Quoth Wikipedia, ergodic theory is a branch of mathematics that studies dynamical systems with an invariant measure and related problems.


That’s almost like talking about my entire experience with mathematics.

Also, replace ‘god’ with ‘zuul’ in that word, and it starts to sound a fair bit like something voodoo related.

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