Salad Abuse

Today’s chicken breast was plain and cold, so I dressed it up in a chop of parsley, basil, oregano, sea salt, green garlic and black pepper and splashed olive oil behind its imaginary ears before I threw it into the weeds (red and green leaf lettuce, baby arugula) and pelted it with carrot and sun-dried tomato shreds.

Yesterday was … yesterday.  A blur, anyway.

Monday, I did some unspeakable things with the same green mix, albacore, Florida avocado and Parmigiano Reggiano flakes.

Last week, I unearthed the salad spinner I haven’t used regularly since we lived in Mountain View, and likely haven’t used at all since we immigrated East, curse me for succumbing to the alleged convenience of bagged salads that I keep having to throw out before they’re finished.  It’s amazing how much the plastic’s yellowed in, uhm…

Holy crap.  It’s been at least eight years!

Yeah, I should consider replacing the salad spinner.   There are going to be a lot of salads in my future.

Technically speaking, only the Monster and I immigrated, since we’d never lived out here, but @bhoneydew‘s spent enough time away that a lot of it still seems strange.

I got the second round of tests back. The liver chemistry still sucked.  My GP’s cheerful about the numbers, claiming that he’s seen people with far worse ones who were essentially fine, and I shouldn’t worry too much because the rest of my numbers are freakishly good.  But he did order an ultrasound. Frankly, I suspect he was worried that my nutritionist would eviscerate him if he didn’t.

I like my nutritionist.

Some of y’all — try to imagine @debela after she straightened her hair, bleached it golden, and spent maybe a little too much time at Canyon Ranch-Tucson.  Not that I’m complaining about the last bit.  I think I’d enjoy spending a little too much time at Canyon Ranch-Tucson, minus any scorpions.

I hate scorpions slightly more than I hate My Little Pony.

You don’t want to know how much I hate My Little Pony.  Those. Things. Creep. Me. Out.

I get to see my nutritionist tomorrow, to thank her for pushing for the second round of tests, discuss the ultrasound results (which I’ll get to see for myself tomorrow, instead of just being told about them over the phone) and do a sanity check on the plan my GP wants me to follow for the next two months.  Since it’s virtually identical to the interim one we worked out, I don’t foresee any strong objections. The only changes that may need to be made might involve switching some things around with my daily baseline vitamin intake (e.g. less Vitamin A, more Vitamin E).

Note to self: be better about remembering to take my vitamins.




2 thoughts on “Salad Abuse

  1. 100 various ways to eat (to alleviate a handful of issues) and 100+ pounds gained and lost later…my liver is still a disaster, and I’m convinced that a steady diet of green salad is evil. Can’t I have some meat and an apple? Oh and some CHEESE!! YESSSSS!! CHEESE!

  2. I feel lucky that nobody wants to make anything verboten yet (even red meat: my nutritionist even announced at our first meeting that if I was a vegetarian, she was going to yell at me).

    The largest complaint that folks have had was that I don’t eat consistently: left to my own devices, I go several hours or even an entire day without eating — and when food happens, I wind up stuffing myself, feeling miserable and not in the mood to eat, and so the cycle repeats.

    Now, I’m having to split up my breakfast (part of it 15 minutes after I wake up, and the rest at breakfast time, which can be three or four hours later), have a mid morning snack, eat lunch, have an afternoon snack, and eat dinner. Y’know, like I was a sensible person or something, and yes, that does terrify me. 😛

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