Mysterious Meat

Warning: this post contains far more TMI than most people are accustomed to seeing from me. Feel free to skip over it.  I won’t like you any less for not wanting to know any of this stuff.

It contained a lot more TMI before I accidentally deleted all of the TMI bits when I put in the “more” tag. Okay, maybe it wasn’t entirely an accident. I might have been subconsciously afraid that I was going to be stoned by a mob of weight loss program devotees.  I might have expressed concerns about their being in league with The Dark Powers and as such, always being Happy To Help … eh, whatever.  It wasn’t important.

Here’s a shorter version.

I thought my metabolism was screwed up.  It isn’t.

I thought I was probably mistaken about how little I was eating. I’m not (yesterday’s test showed that I’m generally under the caloric limits my metabolism can handle. But I haven’t been eating consistently, and I definitely need to drink more water).

I was concerned that my blood sugar might be off.  It’s not.  My insulin levels are okay too.

My liver chemistry’s not good, though, and definitely not what it should be for someone who only drinks a few glasses of wine every three months.  So, I’m getting more tests done on Monday.

And that’s enough TMI for now.

2 thoughts on “Mysterious Meat

    • No, ma’am. I didn’t put it off. That’s why I had them schedule me a time at the lab instead of just leaving it to ‘oh, you can walk into the lab anytime during x hours’: I wanted an exact time to put on the calendar at work and home.

      I went down this morning and let a nice lady take a couple vials of blood out of my hand. At least I think she was nice. She looked a lot like a piece of bacon, but so did everything else by that point (fasting bloodwork, mmm mmm, good).

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