Wearing The Cheap Shoes

The WIP continues, albeit slower than I’d like, but at least it’s continuing. I’m going to set it aside on June 1st to focus on a short piece that I want to get done and off to the interested parties.  Yes, there are interested parties, which is why I’m putting the WIP aside.  Potential for Cash Money > Pure Entertainment Value Inherent in Driving an Editor to Drink — and this thought is what steered me back toward Chuck Wendig’s blog so I could find his quote about the value of writing, ’cause one of the penguins went — Hey!  That’s A Great Blog Topic And Better Than The “Fishing For Bowling Balls” One You Originally Had Which Wasn’t Entirely A Writing Post And You Said You’d Try to Start Putting Writing Related Posts Up On Sundays And You Really Don’t Want To Fail At That Like You’ve Been Failing At Keeping A Running Food Log And The Nutritionist Is Going to Yell At You If You Actually Manage to Make The Appointment on Thursday Or It Doesn’t Get Cancelled…

Yes, the reason no one has ever given me a stainless steel spork is because they’re concerned that I’ll try to teach myself neurosurgery.  Thanks for asking.  Not that you did, but you were going to, right?

Of course, when I got to Chuck’s blog, I saw his current freaking flash fiction challenge about a freaking uninvited guest and…

I wrote one.  In a little over an hour.

I’m not editing it.  That’d take the rest of the weekend.

I’m not submitting it. That’d take right up until the next Friday deadline.

But I’ll post a few random sentences from it here so I can get the demons out of my skull and get on with my Memorial Day weekend.

You’re welcome.

The sky was as blue as a heart that hadn’t finished breaking.

I couldn’t tell him that. It’d make me cross the line from crazed to crazy. He’d shut the door and Things Would Get Worse. I didn’t know how. I didn’t know when. I just knew they would. 

“So, you’re saying she’s a force of nature?”

No. She’s a thunderstorm.”

“You almost sound serious.”

“Believe me, that scares me as much as it does you.”

I’m not scared!” 

“You’re just lucky she likes you. Wear the cheap shoes.”

I’ll work on the Fishing For Bowling Balls topic or the Value of Writing one for next week, unless the penguin suffers a terrible spork injury.

2 thoughts on “Wearing The Cheap Shoes

  1. I would like to inform you that the following post has been explicitly copied from your blog onto another site, potentially without your consent and/or knowledge: Wearing the Cheap Shoes.

    The offending url is: http://schoolofcreativewriting.com/?author=13

    It is believed that the author of this site is attempting to gain monetarily from stealing others’ work and posting it along with false Gravatar information.

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