Creep Constraint

Yesterday was too rainy to do yard work or set up the garden (yes, I know it’s May, but we just thawed out up here!), so I spent it futzing with this blog’s format and fonts. I’m still not one hundred percent happy with it, but at least it no longer scares me. The yard on the other hand…

Modus Dementi is supposed to be Latin for ‘demented mode’, but since I don’t know Latin, it probably isn’t. Google Translate suggests that it’s ‘stupefied by the mode of’ … and I can’t argue with that at all.  The title comes from one of the old LiveJournal entries that I stumbled across while I was trying to find the interview @debela gave me about the penguins.

Part of yesterday’s futzing involved reading several years’ worth of LiveJournal entries. You know, for SCIENCE. I can now safely hypothesize that I was just as much a fruit bat in 2001 as I am in 2011, though I think I was more entertaining back then. Or maybe just more manic.

I’m still slogging through the WIP, despite my best efforts not to. Even on days when I’ve said ‘screw it, I just don’t want to think about that right now,’ I’ve wound up making my word counts … but I’m a wordy girl.

A long pre-work chat on Monday with @CamilleRoth helped me firm up the hero’s blurbline for this thing. Once that came together, the heroine’s was cake.  They still don’t have much in the way of chemistry, but I’m not yet convinced that’s a problem. Okay, at least it’s not a Book One problem. I’ve gotten them to work together, and really, that’s all I ask from my characters.

I ran an Amber PBEM for five years. In that time, only three of the player characters ever met each other. Briefly. And almost everything each of them did in their individual story arcs wound up having an impact on the rest of the players. I don’t recommend doing this. While some of your players may love you for it (even while they swear at you), by the campaign’s end, you’ll wind up never wanting to be a GM again. Or maybe that’s just me.

I do like to think that the experience educated me about the need to build solid story constraints in order to avoid scope creep.

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