Signs and Conversations

Oh … right. The block outline of the current WIP.  The one I finished.  That one.  The one that I offhandedly mentioned before springing — pun intentional — into a discussion about  Easter bunnies and tooth fairies and the not-so-imaginary Monster I live with.  Yep, it’s done.  Nope, I can’t show you a picture of it.  While I was trying to fix the novel’s flat butt, I got so frustrated with crossing things out and scribbling over them that I ripped every single Post-It off the wall and threw them in the trash.

A half hour later, I fished all of them out of the office garbage can, put them back in order, and transcribed the scrawl-and-chicken scratch into Word — along with some scraps of dialogue that popped into my head along the way, which I took as a sign…

Okay, I took it as a couple of signs.  Number one, that I rescued the outline instead of leaving it in the garbage, is a good one.  I think it hints at some willingness to commit to this project, instead of my just treating it as yet something else I’m playing with while I have one foot on the floor and my eye on the door.

I’d say “hi, I’m a Sagittarius”, but I’m Ophiuchuian (Ophiuchi?).  I think. Unless there was a transit in there somewhere, which there very well may have been. I’ve always believed I was more like the description of my Chinese sign (Earth Monkey) than anything else.  

It makes me laugh that Personology description of my birthday suggests I “have a knack for instilling fear in the most powerful of adversaries, or at least a worrying sense of anxiety”.   (December 4th, the Day of Fortitude). If I’m my own worst enemy, hey, I could be convinced to believe that.

Sign number two?  I was beginning to imagine the characters interacting with each other.  I’d thought I’d lose that while I was figuring out how the story was getting from Explosion Alpha to Explosion Omega.  Looks like I haven’t … so, yay, another good sign.

I’m writing conversations right now, scene by scene, through all of the scenes that require conversations.  Once the talking’s done, I’ll go back and put in body language, environmental reactions, and finally, all of the shiny scenery that I absolutely DO NOT WANT to touch until the very end, because I don’t want to wake up my inner frustrated visual artist before I have to.  Seriously, there needs to be enough of the manuscript done so I can roll it up and club the creature over the head (metaphorically speaking) when it starts wanting to bust out the Pantone and pinking shears.

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