Block Party

What the block map looked like last Wednesday.

Last Wednesday

I’m blocking things  faster than I thought I would.  I gave myself five days to put together all of the Medium (chapter-sized) Blocks for Big Block #1, and I wound up doing it in three.  It looks like the same’s going to be true for Big Block #2.

And yes, I’m predicting this.  Despite having a test today and two proposals due the beginning of next week and umpteen jillion other things that have to be done, even though my hypothetical ear infection (not concussion, since I don’t have time for a concussion — even though that likely means it’s a concussion)  is making it hard to think about more than one thing at a time. On the bright side, the house has been clean for going on four days. At least someone could say that if they didn’t count dust, didn’t open a closet, didn’t look too close at the floors and stayed out of the home office, the garage and the basement, but…

Okay, I will make a doctor’s appointment today.


What the Block Map Looks Like This Morning

This Morning, Part One

Today's Progress, Part Two

Part Two

Halfway through blocking Chapter One, I changed my mind about using medium-sized Post-Its for the Medium Blocks. I found that I had more stuff to cram into those smaller plot buckets, so the smaller workspace wasn’t working.  I’ll use the medium-sized ones for the Small (scene-sized) Blocks … or I won’t, and this novel will wind up covering the office.

So glad I’m not trying to write War and Peace here.

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